The production of medical products in its portfolio has been continuing
    in İzmir-based manufacturing atelier itself in accordance with
    its corporate vision and values since 2008.
    Product range of KNG Medical is composed of sleep laboratory consumables, polysomnography (PSG)
    sensors and adhesives (Collodion), EEG Laboratory consumables, mucus Extraction/ Broncho-Alveolar
    Lavage Sets, UV Air Disinfection systems, CPAP/Bi-PAP/VPAP Masks, Carbon dioxide
    (CO2) absorbents (Sodalime) and Anesthesia Masks and Extension Lines.
    Our company, has registered its quality with ISO 13485
    ISO 9001 Quality Certificates and CE is in your employ
    without compromising quality and business ethics.
| KNGMED EST. 2008 |

KNGMED Medical


Since 2008, KNGMED Medical has been manufacturing in the medical sector. ISO 13485 Quality Management System and CE Certificate proved the production quality. As the first and only manufacturer that produces the product in Turkey without compromising on quality and business ethics continues to pursue sectoral activities. You can browse the production areas or visit the products page directly for more information about the product range.

KNGMED Medical


KNGMED Medical maintains a wide range of sectoral activities and services with its domestic and foreign dealerships. As the first and only manufacturer of products in its portfolio in Turkey is actively participating in the organization of the medical sector. You can review current activities here, visit the announcements page for more.