KNGMED Medical


Our Company, KNG Medical was established in 2008 manufactures of whole products in their product range. KNG Medical is the first and exclusive manufacturer on their own products since establisment. Our company’s head quarter is in İzmir and it has lots of dealers both Turkey and abroad. Product range of KNG Medical is composed of Sleep Laboratory consumables, Polysomnography (PSG) sensors and adhesives (Collodion), EEG Laboratory consumables, Mucus Extraction/ Broncho-Alveolar Lavage Sets, UV Air Disinfection systems, CPAP/Bi-PAP/VPAP Masks, Carbon dioxide (CO2) absorbents (Sodalime) and Anesthesia Masks and Extension Lines. Our company, has registered its quality with ISO 13485 ISO 9001 Quality Certificates and CE is in your employ without compromising quality and business ethics.

KNGMED Medical


KNGMED Medical brand value; Mission, vision, business sense and values, all of which constitute the corporate identity and expresses the priorities.

01. Mission

Our mission as a manufacturer is to produce medical products with maximum choice, easy to use, maximum choice and new products by using technology.

02. Vision

We are an institutional vision: to increase product portfolio diversity and product choices, to present our products to the world everywhere in the medical sector.

03. Business Sense

By taking human relations and human values as priority, we care for professional competence and conduct our activities based on our corporate values.

03. Our Values

We care about environment-conscious, human-centric, continuously developing technological advances, and as a reliable brand, we value quality and superior service.

KNGMED Medical


We owe our brand value to business relationships based on mutual satisfaction, to references and quality values.

Quality Production

We produce medical products that are environmentally sensitive, hygienic and carefully designed with the high quality production concept that is in line with the world standards.

Advanced Technology

By adapting our production targets to changing and
ever-evolving technology, we carry out production processes that use advanced

Ethical Values

We regard ethical values and business ethics as our priority in all business processes, including production and development processes, business relationships.

Customer Satisfaction

We adopt customer satisfaction as whole staff and we create business relations that are faithful to universal values by producing customer oriented policies.